Learn More About Yourself Using Personality Types

Neptune is rising........ by The Manic Macrographer is licensed under CC BY

I am a firm believer that a comprehensive understanding of one’s true inner-self can only lead to better growth and relationships. We’re all uniquely different in our own ways, although there are sets of archetypes that we can closely associate with.


From what I’ve seen, the Myers Briggs Type and Enneagram Type are the leaders in personality archetypes. The differences between these tests are out of the scope of this post. These are established institutions and you can pay for a complete test, although there are free alternatives, such as 16Personalities and 9Types respectively. The results from these tests are often distilled down into a digestible format, however, large bodies of material do exist for each type.

It is likely that you already have a good idea of your underlying personality and some of the inner mechanisms that propel you forward. I would argue that you will still uncover something about yourself if you have not taken these two tests yet. There may be some deeper insights that will resonate with you. It is worth noting that the results shouldn’t be taken 100% as truth, but nonetheless it’s still worthwhile to know more about yourself.


With the results in hand, you can uncover and understand some of the inner-workings that make you tick. I personally found the information useful and insightful as it reaffirmed certain beliefs and values that I hold. I was pleased to see sections dedicated to relationships with other types, as well as personal growth.

An additional benefit is that you’ll be able to share your type with others (e.g., partner, boss, co-worker, friend), giving them a deeper understanding of who you are.