Kevin Jalbert's Portrait

Hello and welcome to my personal site! The experience of making a whole site from scratch is exciting. This site acts as my professional online identity, including some social aspects. I am still playing with the idea of adding blogging to this site, however that decision will occur at a later date.

I am a Software Engineer currently working at Fixmo. The majority of the content on this site will be related to my interests and to showcase my publications and projects both in the works and completed. Located on the left of this website are links to my projects and publications, as well as more facts about myself.

Technical Side of the Site

I was quite pleased with the development of this site, and so it deserves some spotlight time. I decided to avoid the plain and simple website creation using basic html editing and instead used a static site generator for its simplicity and flexibility. The major benefit in using this site generator is that nanoc allows for simple file manipulation (in html or markdown) all while having the power and flexibility of embedded Ruby. For instance it is possible to use metadata within the pages to augment the page using embedded Ruby. The open source, research, publications and posters lists are generated by using the individual files present for each item, and through Ruby the list is created.

If you want play with the website using nanoc or to just make your own variation, I have released the source on GitHub (website's repository).