I'm a husband, father, and a Software Engineer living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This website will primarily be a software development blog, with some possible off-topic entries sprinkled throughtout.

I am currently working at theScore. I primarily work in Ruby (Rails), Javascript (Ember.js and React). If I had to pick a language to quickly do something, Ruby is my goto language.

I finished my Bachlor's in Software Engineer at the University of Ontario Institue of Technology (UOIT). I had took an interest in research and continued on with a Master's in Computer Science. For my research I mostly focused on software quality and mutation testing.

In the past I was an avid gamer, although in recent years I have less time to indulge. I still enjoy following and playing the occasional game. I've recently taken a liking to Heroes of the Storms, and I have a facination with idle games for some strange reason. Still Role-Playing Games (RPGs) are my bread and butter for the longest time.