Reflecting on the Future of My Website

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In this reflective piece, I want to share my thoughts on the future of my website and the goals I have in mind.

Re-evaluating the Monthly Cadence

When I started my website, I needed the monthly cadence of publishing to motivate me and generate content. But now, with a substantial archive, I no longer feel the same pressure. Finishing articles on the last day of the month is a clear sign that the monthly cadence has become burdensome.

To embrace a more intentional approach, I’m letting go of the rigid schedule. This change will allow me to focus on topics that genuinely captivate me or hold significant value. By writing from a place of passion and authenticity, I aim to produce higher-quality articles that make an impact.

Exploring Natural Voice and AI Technologies

By embracing natural voice and AI technologies, I’m reshaping the way I create content. Through verbal expression and advanced transcription tools like Whisper, I capture the essence of my ideas effortlessly. Leveraging Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT, I maintain authenticity while reducing writing friction. An example of this AI-assisted writing process can be found in my previous article.

This exploration is not solely focused on speed; it holds immense potential for elevating quality. By viewing AI as a co-writer and proofreader, I aim to enhance the overall caliber of my content.

Redesigning and Simplifying the Website

My website’s current technology stack has become outdated and occasionally frustrating to work with. To address this, I’m looking to simplify the website by either adopting an off-the-shelf solution or redesigning it using newer technologies.

Static site generation still appeals to me, as my website does not require dynamic functionality. I presently use Ruby with a dated version of Middleman. I’m considering more modern options like the Jamstack, React-based approaches, or comprehensive full-service alternatives.

Revitalizing Neglected Pages

Within my website, I have neglected certain pages that require attention and updates. The “Now” page, originally intended to reflect my current activities, has become more of an “About” page due to my failure to update it regularly. Similarly, the “Uses” page, which showcases the tools and products I employ, has remained mostly stagnant since its creation, while my tools have changed. I aim to revamp these pages and maintain them with a regular cadence of updates to ensure their usefulness and relevance.

Looking Forward to the Future

This reflection on the future of my website marks a significant turning point in my ideas and approach. While I cannot determine an exact timeline for these changes, they are on the horizon. If you are a regular reader, I extend my gratitude for your support. I hope that the forthcoming iterations of my website will bring you increased enjoyment and value. Stay tuned for the exciting developments that lie ahead!

Thank you for being part of this journey.